Evolution of public administration in the post-Soviet countries. Turkmenistan

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Annamuradov A.K., Mukhammetberdiev O.B., Khaitov M.O., Evolution of public administration in the post-Soviet countries. Turkmenistan // Public Administration,
2020, №5 (127)
, с. 98-118.


аRussian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

DOI: 10.22394/2070-8378-2020-22-5-98-118

The article examines the formation of the statehood of modern Turkmenistan through the prism of historical changes that have occurred in the post-Soviet countries. It is noted that after 1991 all former republics of the USSR built new independent states on a fundamentally different basis – interaction between government and society. The authors emphasize that the establishment of trust between the state as an institution and citizens is possible under certain conditions, among which a special place is occupied by a clear organization of civil service and the professionalism of civil servants. The measures that have already been implemented and are being taken by the leadership of Turkmenistan at the present time to solve these problems are considered. It is noted that Turkmenistan acts within the framework and in accordance with the key world-class standards regarding the requirements for the organization of civil service. The measures taken in the country to combat corruption are analyzed.

Turkmenistan, Constitution of Turkmenistan, civil service, civil servants, executive power, training civil service personnel, Milli Gengesh, Majlis, local government

July 12, 2020

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