Evolution of public administration in post-Soviet countries. The Republic of Latvia

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Sennikova I., Dubinska E. , Evolution of public administration in post-Soviet countries. The Republic of Latvia // Public Administration,
2021, №5 (133)
, с. 99-118.


аRISEBA University of Applied Sciences

DOI: 10.22394/2070-8378-2021-23-5-99-118

The article studies the issues of state formation of the Republic of Latvia after gaining independence. The authors note that Latvia has retained the features of the normative legal regulation of the period of its independence as it was in 1918 and until the country became a part of the USSR. Today, as a member of the European Union, Latvia is oriented towards modern European standards of state-building. The ongoing administrative reforms are aimed at observing the rights and freedoms of citizens, achieving openness and sustainable development, and introducing digital technologies into state and municipal administration. The authors also note the low involvement of citizens in the processes of state and municipal administration, while municipal authorities maintain a fairly high level of trust among citizens. Analysis and optimization of processes, elimination of duplication of actions among state institutions, as well as reduction of the administrative burden have become an important part of the work of public administration. Also, according to the plan for reforming public administration, the quality and availability of public services for the population are constantly improving.

The Republic of Latvia, president, cabinet of ministers, Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, state and municipal administration

October 27, 2020

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