Legal and ethical regulation of civil servants’ activity

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Brosalina A.A. , Legal and ethical regulation of civil servants’ activity // Public Administration,
2022, №6 (140)
, с. 20-26.


аTambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin

DOI: 10.22394/2070-8378-2022-24-6-20-26

The article focuses on legal and ethical components of the civil servants’ activities and substantiates their significance regarding the quality of work for state apparatus. The author speaks of the need to introduce the requirements for increased compliance control and independent social supervision over the conduct of public civil servants. There are different opinions among representatives of the academic society regarding the need to develop a unified code of ethics for public civil servants enshrined in the form of a normative legal act. The example of the civil service highlights the influence of legal and ethical regulations on the professional culture of civil servants. Based on modern theoretical material, the author considers situations related to conflict of interest in civil servants’ activities. The author concludes that the authorities should regulate such situations and exclude the possibility of non-compliance with the public interest in implementing administrative powers. The qualitative and effective public service depends directly on civil servants, as they represent the state itself. The civil service fulfills those government functions, which are the basis of the effectiveness for state governance. The ethical element has a significant role in the system of responsibility for public authorities and makes it distinctive compared to the obligations of other subjects of law.

administrative regulations, unified code of ethics for civil servants, control function

September 25, 2022

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