For Authors

Dear Authors,

The Editorial Board considers only original, never published manuscripts on theory, history and modern development of public administration and management in scientific areas of political science, philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, economics, history, pedagogy, psychology, and law, including those prepared in candidacy for scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of sciences in the areas of law, economics, and sociology.

Content requirements:

  • Originality and novelty in subject field, methods or results;
  • Compliance with existing knowledge and contribution to its progress;
  • Theoretical and practical relevance;
  • Scientific methodology, integrity and credibility of conclusions;
  • Profound and logical argumentation;
  • Intelligibility and literate academic style;
  • Informative and relevant headings, keywords, and prepared as follows summaries and references.

Recommended volume of manuscripts – 20-50 thousand characters for articles, 16-20 thousand characters for reviews including summary, keywords and references. Manuscripts are accepted by email:

Besides the article, the following materials in English and (or) Russian should be provided:

  1. Identifying information for all authors that include first and last names, academic degrees and titles, position and place of employment, postal address and personal e-mail.
  2. Article heading, concise and descriptive.
  3. Summary (180-300 words).
  4. Keywords (no less than 7).
  5. References.

For further guidelines please follow the link:

Please, note: articles that do not match the requirements might be rejected.