Tatyana S. Ilarionova

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor. Institute of Public Administration and Management / Scientific Secretary of the Scientific Council of the Faculty Education: Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism, specialty 10.01.10 (Journalism) Professional development: Russian Academy of Civil Service, Federal executive authority Independent expert, Work experience: 35 years Disciplines and courses: Theory and Mechanisms of State and Municipal Management, State and Municipal Management System, Public Service, E-Government Membership in organizations: Moscow Humboldt Club International Research Community for History and Culture of Russian Germans Public Administration Russia and Germany, Humboldt Scientific Journal Area of Expertise: 19.00.00 Public Communications. Journalism. Media. Subject Matters: Russian Germans Periodicals, Migration Policy, Foreigners in Russian Public Administration, Administrative Reform, Public Administration, Russian-German Relations Professional interests: Administrative Reform, Civil Service, Migration Policy, International Relations, Media.