Lidia L. Kornilova

Deputy Editor-in-chief of the scientific political journal ‘Public Administration’
Head of the Department of Producing and Cultural Policy of the IPACS of the RANEPA
Head of the news group of the IPACS of the RANEPA

Awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (2017)
Awarded with the Rector Certificate of Honor of the RANEPA (2018)
Lidia L. Kornilova graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1989.

Professional Interests:
Mass communication. Journalism. Mass media.
Social philosophy.

Lidia L. Kornilova has been working at the Academy since 2008.
Total work experience: since 1990.

Key publications:
New opportunities for Russian-French cooperation in education. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2019
Two historical nations on the poles of the great European diagonal. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2018
Dialogue of civil society through the cooperation of universities. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2018
‘Prescribe how to live, reflect traditions’. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2018
Audit as a tool of raising confidence. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2017
Sign of age. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2016
Development model. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2016.
Return the face to memory. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2015
Crisis as a chance. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2015
In search of a balance of interests. About the conference in St. Petersburg. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2014.
Lobbying against corruption. Gosudarstvennaya sluzhba. 2014.
Academy profile: